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Monday, January 12, 2009

About Me

Hello and welcome to My Portrait Style Photography by Brandy. I am currently a stay at home mother of one, living in Southern Utah. I grew up in the Salt Lake Valley where I met my husband, and during our engagment he got a job down in New Harmony so that is what brought us down South.

I have always loved photography since I can remember. During high-school I entered some art shows and took a few 1st, 2nd and best show ribbons. I have always had a passion to be my own Ansel Adams and just sell my art, I never much cared for portraits until I got a job at a local Kiddie Kandids and ended up as the Assistant manager over the number one store in Utah. It was an awesome job and taught me to love portraits.

So this blog is a work in progress, a lot of the photos I have up in the portfolio are from old film prints, scanned in by a cheap scanner, so they aren't the best quality. Just know I have finally switched completely over to digital and just need a few more models to get some more digital shots downloaded, to show you my personal portrait style and then hopefully be able to continue my love of photography and make a little money doing just that.

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